The Comfortable Silence of Gun Control

Full disclosure, I originally started writing this piece a few weeks after the June 17, 2015 Charleston, North Carolina shooting – where the shooter walked into a historic black church and open fired, killing 9 people. However since the presidential race has been heating up, I have spent a lot of time writing and researching candidates, and responsive […]

Nicki Minaj

2015 BET Awards – Most Captivating Moments

What was you favorite BET Award show moment? Checkout our picks for the most captivating BET Award show moments! During his acceptance speech Smokey offered some candid advice for current and upcoming stars. “It’s like a bittersweet wine and it’s intoxicating. And there’s so many people, millions of people around the world, who are standing […]

Love Wins, Historic day for Same-Sex Marriage

In a nation altering decision, the Supreme Court confirms that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right of all Americans and must be acknowledged by all 50 States. The Fourteenth Amendment requires a States to license a marriage between two people of the same-sex and to recognize such lawfully licensed marriages performed out of state. After years […]